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Tungsten Carbide Inserts
for undercut protection

Use on saws up to 35HP

Lightweight concrete block blade

A-36 Arix Asphalt & Green Concrete Blades

Lightweight Block Block

Wet/Dry Use

.395" Seg. Height

star star star Super Premium Quality


A-36AX Green Concrete / Asphalt / Lightweight Block

Segmented diamond blade made with ARIX™ Diamond Arrangement Technology for higher performance. Engineered for superior cutting performance on soft, medium and hard green/fresh concrete (5-48 hours old), asphalt and lightweight concrete block. Features tungsten inserts for undercutting core protection. Great product for return on investment and performance.

A-36AX Arix Asphalt/Green Concrete Blades
Diameter & Width Part #
14” x .125” x 1”-20mm DP D24502
16” x .125” x 1”-20mm DP D24503
18” x .135” x 1” DP D24504
20" x .135" X 1"-DP D24505

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