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Structural steel

30-50% Less Sparks

Reinforced High pressure hydraulic hose



ANYCUT™ Metal Chop Saw Blades

14" Chop Saw Blades

Long Life & Fast Cutting

New Product from DITEQ

star star star star Super Premium Quality


ANYCUT Chop Saw Blades

Safer for your employees than old fashioned pressed carborundum abrasive blades that can crack and warp. And shrink as you use them giving you less cutting depth the more you use them. Powers through concrete, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, non-ferrous metals, stainless and ferrous metals without loading.

ANYCUT Chop Saw Blades
Diameter & Width P/N
14" x .110 x 1" Arbor D11301

Not for use on gas powered cutoff saws.


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