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Anycut Cut & Grind

Double sided grindiing surface

Cut & Grind with the same tool


Mounted on flush cut adapter

Flush Cut Adapter P/N:130122
sold separately

ANYCUT™ Cut & Grind Wheels

Reversible grinding sides

Flush Cutting & Grinding

star star star star Super Premium Quality


ANYCUT™ Cut & Grind

This thin cut off wheel can both cut with its edge and grind on wheels fl at surface using a flush mount adapter. Faster and cleaner than abrasive blades on steel, concrete, brick, tile, fi berglass,PVC pipe and more. Flush mount adapter shown below. New ANYCUT wheels from DITEQ are designed to take the place of abrasive wheels. They are faster, safer, cleaner and lighter while having a much longer life saving workers time from constant wheel changes. Unlike abrasives, these vacuum bonded diamond wheels maintain their full cutt ing depth and have 30% less sparking. They can cut a wide range of material using several types of hand tools.

ANYCUT Cut & Grind
Diameter & Width P/N
4-1/2" X .125" X 7/8" Flush D11308
5" X .125" X 7/8" Flush D11309

6" X .125 X 7/8" Flush

7" X .125 X 7/8" Flush D11311
Flush Cut Adapter 130122

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