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Weld flattening & blending

Removes slag after plasma cutting

Edge break & deburring

pre-weld chamfering

7/8"-5/8-11 Thread adapter sold separately P/N:130117

ANYCUT™ Metal Grinding Wheels

Ferrous & NonFerrous Metals

Pre-weld edge chamfering

Easily removes slag after plasma cutting

star star star star Super Premium Quality


ANYCUT™ Metal Grinding Wheels

Safer for your employees than old fashioned pressed carborundum abrasive blades that can crack and break. And shrink as you use them.

ANYCUT Grinding Cup wheels
Description P/N:
4-1/2" x 7/8"Arbor D11306
7" x 7/8"Arbor D11307
7/8"-5/8-11 Thread Adapters 130117

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