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C-33AX Arix™
Diamond Blades

.393" / 10mm Segment Height

Concrete, Hard Brick, Block

star star star Super Premium Quality


C-33AX Concrete Blades

Segmented diamond blade made with ARIX Diamond Arrangement Technology for higher performance. Engineered for superior cutting performance on a wide range of material. Great product for return on investment and performance. Use on soft, medium and hard concrete, concrete with steel rebar, hard brick and block.

ARIX diamond blades typically cut twice as fast and last 30% longer than the most popular blades in the industry. Individual diamonds are precisely arranged throughout each segment to provide unparalleled performance.

C-33AX Arix™ Blades
Diameter & Width Part #
12" x .125" x 1" 20mm DP D11021
12” x .125” x 20mm DP D11026
14” x .125” x 1” 20mm DP D11022
14” x .125” x 20mm DP D11027
16” x .125” x 1” 20mm DP D11023
18” x .125” x 1” DP D11024
20” x .145” x 1” DP D11025
24” x .160” x 1” DP D11028

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