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C-33 Firestar Blades

4"-10" has .314" / 7.97mm Segment Height

12"-14" has .393" / 10mm Segment Height

star star star Super Premium Quality


Firestar Blades

Firestar blades feature curved diamond wedges which protrude deep into the core to provide additional protection from side wear of the core. An excellent choice for curved cuts and cutting green concrete on early-entry saws. Also good for fast, free, smooth cutting on a wide variety of harder materials including: concrete, stone, granite and brick.

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C-33 Firestar Blades
Diameter & Width Part #
4” x .080” x 7/8”-5/8” D57110
4.5” x .070” x 7/8”-5/8” D57116
5” x .080” x 7/8”-5/8” flush D57107
7” x .085” x 7/8”-5/8” DM D57101
8” x .095” x 7/8”-5/8” DM D57102
10” x .110” x 7/8"-5/8” DM D57106
12” x .110” x 1"-20MM DP D57103
14” x .112” x 1"-20MM DP D57104