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C-43AX Arix™
Cured Concrete Blades

.393" / 10mm Segment Height

Concrete, Hard Brick, Block

star star star star PRO IV High Performance


C-43AX Arix™ Concrete Blades

The C43AX is the best hand-held high speed blade on the market. Delivers long lasting performance for any type of concrete cutting in hard material applications with high speed performance.

Made with ARIX diamond technology for high performance. Engineered for superior cutting performance on a wide range of materials. DO-IT-All diamond blade for use on soft-medium-hard concrete and abrasive materials. Great product for return on investment and performance.

C-43AX Arix™ Cured Concrete Blades
DIameter & Width Part #
12" x .125" x 1" 20mm DP D10058
14” x .125” x 1” 20mm DP D10053
14” x .125” x 20 mm Arbor D10069
16” x .125” x 1” 20mm DP D10054
16” x .125” x 20mm Arbor D10070
18” x .125” x 1” DP D10055
20” x .145” x 1” DP D10056

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