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Free Drive Wheel with Blade

DITEQ™ ARIX C-50 & C-51
Ring Saw Blades

14" & 16" Blades

.393" 10mm Segment

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ARIX Ring Saw Blades

Give yourself the ARIX advantage. Great speed with performance!

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ARIX C-50 & C-51 Ring Saw Blades
Diameter & Width C-50 C-51
14” x .160” x 10mm D10107 D10077
14” x .220” x 10mm D10108  
16" x .190" x 10mm Hycon D10159  
16" x .160" x.10mm Hycon
Hard Rock Blade
Accessories P/N:  
Drive Wheel 14" D10052  
Drive Wheel 16" Hycon 140689  
Support Roller 16" Hycon 140695  
Guide Roller 16" Hycon 140699  

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