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C-53AX 10 Arix Pro Concrete Baldes

.393" Segments

25HP - 65HP Pro Saw Use

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C-53AX Pro

The Pro V ARIX offers the broadest everyday applications of this series of blades. Excellent for medium to high horsepower saws in most types of materials. Cuts well even in hard aggregates, but has its best cost per cut ratios in soft and medium aggregates.When we say ARIX changes everything, this includes the way you select the best blade for your sawing application. Instead of knowing the average diamond concentration in a segment, we offer you a more precise diamond count. This permits a more accurate horsepower to diamond ratio assessment, for a more accurate selection of the right ARIX blade for your application.

C-53AX 10 Arix Pro
Diameter & Width Part #
14” x .125” x 1”-DP D18275
14” x .250” x 1”-DP D18281
16” x .125” x 1”-DP D18283
16” x .145” x 1”-DP D18284
16” x .160” x 1”-DP D18520
18” x .125” x 1”-DP D18519
18” x .145” x 1”-DP D18287
18” x .160” x 1”-DP D18288
18” x .187” x 1”-DP D18290
20” x .125” x 1”-DP D18292
20” x .145” x 1”-DP D18293
20” x .160” x 1”-DP D18294
20” x .187” x 1”-DP D18386
24” x .145” x 1”-DP D18295
24” x .160” x 1”-DP D18296
24” x .187” x 1”-DP D18298
26” x .160” x 1”-DP D18300
26” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D18401
26” x .187” x 1”-DP D18302
28” x .187” x 1”-DP D18418
28” x .187” x 1”-DP with insert D18724
30” x .160” x 1”-DP D18303
30” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D18640
30” x .187” x 1”-DP D18305
36” x .160” x 1”-DP D18309
36” x .187” x 1”-DP D18311
42” x .187” x 1”-DP with insert D18710
48” x .187” x 1”-DP D18725
Insert for undercut protection