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C-63AX 13 Arix Pro Concrete Blades

.512" 13mm Segments

Wet Only Use

40 - 65HP+ Saws

Great for Bridge Decks

star star star star Pro VI


Pro 63AX 13

This is the tall segment version of the Pro VI series. The long life afforded by the taller segment gives a lower cost per cut ratio than he standard segment height. This is a tremendous blade for Bridge Deck sawing or highway sawing in hard aggregate.

When we say ARIX changes everything, this includes the way you select the best blade for your sawing application. Instead of knowing the average diamond concentration in a segment, we offer you a more precise diamond count. This permits a more accurate horsepower to diamond ratio assessment, for a more accurate selection of the right ARIX blade for your application.

C-63AX13 Pro Blade
Diameter & Width Part No.
14” x .125” x 1”-DP D14830
14” x .145” x 1”-DP D14843
14” x .160” x 1”-DP D18500
18” x .125” x 1”-DP D14854
18” x .145” x 1” -DP D18511
18” x .160” x 1”-DP D14860
20” x .125” x 1”-DP D14868
20” x .145” x 1”-DP D18512
20” x .160” x 1” -DP D18513
20” x .187” x 1”-DP D18701
24” x .160” x 1” -DP D14888
24” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D14893
24” x .187” x 1”-DP D14892
26” x .160” x 1”-DP D14900
26” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D14901
26” x .187” x 1”-DP D14902
30” x .160” x 1”-DP D18226
30” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D18688
30” x .187” x 1”-DP D18231
32” x .160” x 1”-DP D18232
36” x .160” x 1”-DP D18235
36” x .160” x 1”-DP with insert D18694
36” x .187” x 1”-DP D18237
42” x .187” x 1”-DP D18035
Insert for undercut protection