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Diamond Cup Wheels

CS-33 Single Row

CD-33 Double Row

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Diamond Cup Wheels

Step up to premium performance with these grinding wheels. Use when high-productivity is a priority, and for grinding of harder materials.

Use single row grinding wheels for rough work and rapid stock removal. Use double row grinding wheels for finer finishing. Use continuous rim grinding wheels for smoothest finish.

CS33, CD33 Cup Grinding Wheel
Description CS33
4” x 7/8”-5/8” D80011 D80016
4” x 5/8”-11 thread D80012 D80017
4.5” x 7/8”-5/8” D80027 D80028
4.5” x 5/8”-11 D80031 D80032
5” x 7/8”-5/8” D80013 D80018
5” x 5/8”-11 thread D80033 D80034
7” x 7/8”-5/8” D80014 D80019
7” x 5/8”-11 thread D80015 D80020