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*Dry Cutting Accessory Shown

Wet Cutting Kit Shown

Optional Equipment Shown

Flush Cutting Shown

*Optional Dry Dust Extraction Accessory
P/N: 141104

Cardi® 16" PE-400 230V Hand Held
Flush Cutting Saw


Wet Kit Included

Dry Cutting Kit Sold Separately*

Soft Start Electric Motor

6-1/4" Cutting Depth Wet

5-1/4" Cutting Depth Dry

RPM 2,870 Max /1,880 loaded


PE-400 Hand Held


Combination of three functions which are able to work in synergy ensuring maximum protection for the operator and the machine:

• The most powerful on the market :

• electrical motor 3420 W at 230V (4400W max, 6 hp);

• cutting depth: up to 6-1/4"

• for heavy-duty and professional use: aluminum alloy to ensure high resistance and plastic where necessary to protect electrical parts;

• the innovative water injection system, delivered through the center of the blade shaft and centrifuged to ensure:

• effective dust suppression system, tofurther protect the operator’s health;

• lower consumption of water whichmeans less dispersion of liquid in the working area;

• uniform cooling of the diamond blade to avoid deformations, ensures longer life for the diamonds and requires less cutting pressure from the operator.

• flush cut: PE 400 can cut flush to the wall and to the floor, using the flush cut flange supplied with the machine and the included diamond blade DDT 400-S;

• dry cutting: PE 400 allows dry cutting using the dust extraction accessory and a specific blade. The accessory must be connected to a thin dust vacuum cleaner, ables to filter concrete dust; (flush cutting is not possible with the dust extraction accessory)

• maximum approach to the floor and the walls thanks to the switch-handle which can be rotated 90 °;

• extreme handling and balancing thanks to the innovative vertical position of the motor, unique for this kind of machines;

• easy straight cutting : using a common wood board is possible to perform straight cuts very easily;

Cardi® PE-400 230V
Description Part No.
PE-400 - Wet 230v Saw H00022
*Dry Cutting Dust Extraction Kit PE400


C-50AXBRN 16" X .125" X 1"-CARDI Flush D11175