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Diatip™ CD600 Core Bit Retipping Machines



Part No. DR5003


Diatip™ CD600

Excellent for more occasional retipping or the small repair shop. Can take core drill bits up to 28” in diameter and 28” in length. Also the CD 600 can be equipped with a hydraulic motor for the cutting and extension for bits up to 36” long.

The Diatip equipment cuts fast and silently, gives you a perfect segment division, makes it easier to braze the new segments and eliminates segment loss. Find the model that suits your needs – a low price equipment for occasional use or a fully automatic machine for the professional repair shop.

Diatip™ Accessories
Description Part No.
Hydraulic Motor DR5004
Superstrong Flux Magnet - each magnet has four different side clearances: 0.02”/0.03”/0.04” and 0.05” (0.5mm/1.0mm & 1.25mm)(Standard for segments 2” - 16”) 151167
US magnet, each magnet has four different side clearances: 0.06”/0.07”/0.08”/ and 0.09” (1.5mm/1.78/2.03mm/2.3mm (for larger segments) 151627
Silver Solder (flat strip) 49% Silver 151333
Matrice 1-3/8” - 2-1/2” dia 16 mm seg 151325
Knife 16 mm seg. 151326
Knife - 24mm seg. 151168
CD7-28 Ext. 18” 151181
CD7-28 Ext. 12” 151193
CD 600 Ext. 36” 151238