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Dustless BitBuddie

160220 Fits 1-3/8" Diameter Bits

160979 Fits 1"- 4" Diameter Bits

161625 Fits 2"- 8" Diameter Bits


Dustless BitBuddie

The BitBuddie is an excellent way to capture dust and slurry when drilling holes in stone, marble, concrete, masonry, fiberglass and other construction materials. The BitBuddie is the perfect choice when drilling faucet holes in countertops because of its narrow design and low profile. It allows you to work right up against splash panels and window sills without leaving a mess. There are no brackets or cumbersome mounting systems to hassle with. Its held in place with airflow from the vacuum. Simply turn the vacuum on and suction holds it in place. Rely on the BitBuddie for effective dust control that preserves air quality and protects workers from harmful silica dust, Hexavalent Chromium and silicosis caused from sawing, cutting and grinding concrete, stone, masonry, fiberglass and other construction materials. Meet OSHA guidelines for worker safety and save time and money associated with cleaning up slurry and dust on the jobsite.