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Droid 600

Droid 600

Droid 300

Dustless™ Dust Droid Vacuums




Dust Droid Vacuums

120v - CONVENIENT power source 600 CFM - effective dust control for large equipment equipmentAirBender™ on-board cyclone - captures 98% of dust to extend HEPA filter lifeExtended filter cleaning intervals - go 10 times longerFilter gauge - tells you when to clean filtersAirBlast™ cleans filters while running - increase productivityModular components are light weight - transport with easeCertified HEPA filters - meet government guidelinesPlastic bags - control hazardous dust more effectivelyWheeled cyclone canister - fast and easy emptyingReliable design with NO solenoids - reduce maintenanceHandy beverage holderTangential air bypass cooling - extend motor lifeDocking station attaches to truck or trailers, includes tie down strap20 gallon wheeled separator drum Works with the following combinations of equipment: 1 Large walk behind, 30" diameter and above, that is shrouded well (rubber, not metal) 1 Medium walk behind, from 20" to 29" diameter, and 1 hand grinder2 Hand grinders with 1 small walk behind, from 7" to 20" diameterUp to 4 Hand grinders, depending on hose diameter

What's in the Box 2 20 Gallon drums; separator drum is wheeled, 1 2" x 25' hose, 2.5"x 25' hose optional, 1 Hose bag 1 Certified HEPA filter, On-board separator cyclone, 1 Metal docking station with tie down strap, 1 VacPod - ToolSync, 2 ToolPods - ToolSync

DustDroid™ 600 delivers far greater productivity The best way to get high productivity out of any HEPA vacuum is to keep the filter clean. That doesn't mean pulsing every 15 seconds to blow dust off the pleats. It means keeping dust away from the HEPA filter to begin with. That is the way the DustDroid™300 HEPA Vacuum, with Air-Bender™ technology, increases productivity.The truth about pulse cleaning Pulse cleaning every 15 seconds is hard on HEPA filters. Violent bursts of air explode - thrusting abrasive granules against the delicate filter material, damaging the microscopic fibers and shortening the HEPA filter's life.

DustDroid™ vacuums are much kinder to your HEPA filters, requiring pulsing 1, instead of, 240 times each hour.Why the DustDroid™ requires less maintenance The moving parts associated with automated pulse-cleaning systems (solenoids) are subject to frequent breakdowns. DustDroid™ vacuums have no solenoids - only mechanical switches - proven to be reliable when exposed to constant vibration, dust and other harsh conditions. Fast and easy cleaning Simply pull and release the AirBlast™ handle to blast/clean the HEPA filter. A handy console gauge tells you when airflow is dropping and it is time to blast/clean. Typically, once or twice a day does the trick, and it can be done without stopping work. In the heaviest dust creating applications, once an hour may be required. It's fast; it's simple, and it's more gentle on your HEPA filter.

Dustless™ Dust Droid
Description 300 Vac 600 Vac
Suction 70 inAq 70 inAq
Air Flow 300 CFM 500 CFM
Amps 16A 14A Per Motor
Voltage 120V 120V/240V
Watts 1920 3120
Phase 1 2
Motor 2.1 HP Dual 2.1 HP
Sound Level   79dB
CA Prop 65 No No
HEPA Rated 99.97% 99.97%
Hose Included 2.5" x 25' 3" x 25'
Hose Inlet 2-1/2" 3"
Capacity Gal 20 30
Item # H0302 H0601
DITEQ P/N: 161584 161682
UPC 617450803022 617450806016
Description Droid 300 Droid 600
Bags- Pack of 100 161874 161864
Bags- Pack of 10 161875 161865
Carbon Brush set 100538  
3-Way Splitter
2.5" Output
2" Output
2" Output
162429 162429
HEPA Filters 2-Req 162221 162221

Optional 3-Way Splitter