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Dustless Technologies Dustie™

4" to 5" Right Angle Grinders

6" to 9" Right Angle Grinders

Manufacturer's P/N: D1836 | D1854


Dustie Shroud

The Dustie dust shroud fits most hand grinders. The attachment collar is a FlexFlange which spreads and contracts to fit the hand grinder. Simply slide the Dustie onto the collar of the grinder and then tighten the band clamp around the flange. You may need to trim the tips of the Flex-Flange to adjust the height to fit your specific grinder. The Dustie dust shroud is an ideal tool for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust collection tools to comply with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal. Renovation contractors seeking to get certified by the EPA to perform renovation work on projects that involve lead paint removal are required to use "point-of-origin" a dust control shroud on hand grinders like the Dustie.

Dustless Dustie™
Description Part #
5" Dustie w/o 18" Hose 160321

7" Dustie w/o 18" Hose

18" Hose 160091
5" Cover Plate 160224
7" Cover Plate 160328

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