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Hycon HH10RV Hydraulic Breakers 20Lbs

Wet/Dry Use

2,100 Impacts Per Min.

20 LPM @ 160 Bar

5 GPM @ 2,300 PSI


Hycon HH10RV

is an exceptionally handy lightweight pick hammer designed for horizontal breaking in walls, brick wall and reinforced concrete. The low weight and compact design makes it very suitable for narrow working places. The HH10RV is a very popular breaker among contractors, telecom, supply companies (power-water-gas-sewage), and is a true “hit” for rental.

HH10RV is the strongest 10 kg breaker on the market, and no pneumatic nor electric breaker has anything like the same performance. The standard tool size is hex 19x50 mm. The breaker can be connected to the HPP-series (see Powerpacks) and other hydraulic power sources.

Working under water is a tough environment and it requires special tools. We know divers work under very difficult conditions and they need extra help to get the job done. HYCON has designed a line of tools, specifically suited for under water use. Hydraulic tools are ideal, because it is a closed system and they offer a very high performance. Add to the high quality and compact user friendly tools and you have the perfect solution for under water use. With HYCON divers get the job done..!

Hycon 20lb Breakers
Model HH10RV
Weight Class 20 lb
Power 5 gpm@2300 psi
Tool Size .580 hex round collar
Length (w/o steel 21-1/2 in.
Impacts per min @ max. Flow 2100
Tool Included one .580 hex round collar pointed
Weight 22 lb.
Hycon PART No. 1813406
20lb Breakers Accessories
Description Part No.
.580 Hex Round Collar Pointed 152072
.580 Hex Round Collar 1” wide x 9” long 152076
.580 Hex Round Collar 1” wide x 18” long 152077
.580 Hex Round Collar 2” wide x 9” long 152078
.580 Hex Round Collar 2” wide x 18” long 152079
Other tool sizes and types available.
HOSE, HYDRAULIC PAIR 1/2” OD x 50 ft long 151859
HOSE, HYDRAULIC PAIR 1/2” OD x 25 ft long 151867
HOSE, HYDRAULIC PAIR 1/2" 3/4"OD X 100` LG 152028
HOSE, HYDRAULIC PAIR 3/4" X 200` LG 152029
HOSE, HYDRAULIC PAIR 3/4" X 100` LG 152030