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HH20 Breaker

Power Pack & Hoses
Sold Separately

Power Pack & Hoses
Sold Separately

Hycon HH20 20Lb Breakers / Jackhammers

Hycon Part # 1813522

DITEQ Part # H20003


HH20 Breakers

The HYCON HH-series is the result of the strongest and most modern design on the market. Our hydraulic quality breakers have practically only two moving parts, and this ensures minimum wear and consequently much lower operating costs. The HYCON HH-series is equipped with the world’s best vibration-dampening system as standard - the HYCON PROLINE handle. This handle gives unique operator comfort with a vibration level as low as 4.8 m/s² (HH20RV), and the breaker can therefore be used efficiently 8 hours per day. The reliability, the sturdy design and the supreme component quality of the HYCON HH-series means long life - also under extreme working conditions!

Hycon HH20 20lb Breakers
Model HH20
Power 5 gpm@2300 psi
Tool Size 1-1/4” x 6”
Length (w/o steel 26-1/2 in.
Impacts per min @ max. Flow 1560
Tool Included one 1 1/4” x 6”pointed
Weight 54 lb.
Hycon Part No. 1813522
DITEQ Part No. H20003
20lb Breaker Accessories
Description Part No.
BIT, 1-1/4X6 X 48L 3" CHISEL 151910
BIT, 1-1/4X6 X 14L MOIL POINT 151891
HOSE, HYD PAIR 1/2" OD X 50` 151859
HOSE, HYD PAIR 1/2" OD X 25` 151867
Hycon Hydraulic Flow Divider 140746