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Hydraulic Power Pack Sold Separately

Hycon® Hydraulic Hand Held Core Drill.

1"-14" Bit Capacity

Speed @ 5 Gpm 1,500 & 600 RPM.

20 LPM @ 100 BAR Working Pressure

170 BAR Max Pressure


Handheld core drill

With a HYCON hydraulic handheld core drill you will achieve a significant improvement of your profits as there are no costs for setting up a rig.

The performance of the core drill allows for drilling of holes up to 12" in all materials - also with reinforcement.Therefore it is only necessary to invest in ONE core drill for many different kinds of jobs.

All parts run in oil - a guarantee for long life and low service costs. The tool is totally unaffected by water, dust etc. It will even work under water.

The core drill offers top safety with the built-in ASCO System (Automatic Safety Cut off). The tool automatically cuts off if the core bit jams - no injury to the operator.

Hydraulic Hand Held Core Drill.
Description Bit Size RPM Model RGC P/N DITEQ
Part #
Small Bit Size Drill 1"-4" 1,500 HHCD104 1712104 DR2026
Large Bit Size Drill 2"- 12" 600 HHCD214 1712214 DR2027
1/2 Gas to 5/8"-11Thread Adapter 1795020 150329


Hydraulic Hoses

Hydraulic Flow Divider

Hydraulic Flow Divider

Used to protect hydraulic tools from overload when being
powered by excavators, tractors, trucks or any other
auxiliary power source.
Regulates flow to the tool. sold separately

Optional Accessories
Description Length RGC DITEQ P/N
1/2" Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 25' 1649116 151867
1/2" Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 50' 1649117 151859
1/2" Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings
3/4" Return Line with Flush-Face Fittings
25' 1649108  
Hydraulic Flow Divider     140746
Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil Gal. Gal 6316475