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Traffic Loop Sawing &

Joint Widening Blades

.393" / 10mm Segment Height

.512" / 13mm Segment Height

star star star Super Premium Quality
star star star star Pro IV
star star star star star Pro V


Traffic Loop Blades

Step up to a Super Premium blade when you need to lower your cost per inch/foot cut. Choose from three specs – one is right for the type of cured concrete you need to cut.

Traffic Loop Sawing
  Super Premium PRO IV PRO IV PRO V
Diameter & Width C-33 A-38 A46N13 A-46 A56N13
12" x .250" x 1" D12064        
12" x .375" x 1" D12065        
14" x .187" x 1"-DP D12087 D24066 D26304 D26137 D27004
14" X .250" X 1"-DP D12062 D24063 D26305 D29336 D27005
14" X .375" X 1"-DP D12063 D24064   D28325  
14" X .500" X 1"-DP D12085 D24065      
18" X .250" X 1"-DP     D26312   D27012