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New 2016 Model

Remote Video Viewing

New Model Remote control

KwikCore™ Exco KC-H Hydraulic

Shibuya OMS 400


32" Max Bit Cap.

Anchorless Coring System




KwikCore™ Exco Hydraulic

NO ANCHORING REQUIRED, Increased Efficiency No Set-Up, Enhanced Safety, One Tool -One Operator CORING - HIGH VERTICAL SURFACES Proven to Reduce Labor by 67% and Increase Productivity by 700%, Minimum Maintenance, Remotely Controlled, Dramatically Reduce Labor Costs, Multiple Applications,
***Generator sold separately

Compare KwikCore Traditional
Labor needed for setup
and operation
1 3
Cores that can be
drilled per day
14-28 2-4
Reduces exposure to
hazards of silica dust
Yes No
Reduces labor cost
and labor fatigue
Yes No
Eliminates hazards with
manual lifting
Yes No
Remote controlled
coring device
Yes No
Coring in virtually
any position
Yes No

New 2016 Model