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Nacecare Electric 1,400 psi

Pressure Washer

2.1 GPM

Total Stop Start System


Nacecare Pressure Washer K1122 TST

At 1400 psi and 2.1 Gpm (gallons per minute), the new K1122 TST with “Total Stop Start” (TST) has all the features a commercial user needs. It comes complete with 50-foot hose, a variable nozzle (Vario) and a Dirt Killer nozzle; The Vario nozzle adjusts the spray from a fan to a pencil jet while the Dirt Killer nozzle rotates a pencil jet spray on an axis creating a circle with tremendous cleaning ability.

The TST feature stops the pump from running when unit not in use (spraying) and automatically starts the pump when you pull the trigger. The pump has stainless steel ceramic- coated pistons to reduce friction; ensuring years of heavy-duty use. Stainless steel valves and Teflon graphite rings allow it to run dry safely without damaging the pump.

Other features include a pressure gauge, chemical injection hose, hose reel and onboard storage for hose, gun and lances.

Nacecare Electric K1122 TST
Pump Brass, Triplex Piston
Pressure 1,400 psi
Motor 1.5 HP
Amps 13A
Volta 115V
watts 1495
Volume 2.1 Gpm
Max. Temperature 140˚ F
Power Cord 23'
Weight 70 lbs.
Pressure Hose 50'
Dirt Killer Nozzle Included
Vario Nozzle Included
Pressure Wand Included
Nacecare P/N: K1122 TST
DITEQ P/N: 162257