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Nacecare™ TTV678 Rideable

Twintec Vario

26",30",34" Cleaning Path

Onboard Charger

DITEQ P/N:G00126


Twintec Vario

Tear-away squeegee equipped with quick-release squeegee blades for easy cleaning. Two squeegee sizes come with each machine. Onboard chemical dispensing system allows for 32:1, 64:1, 96:1 and 128:1, guaranteeing proper chemical usage. The gel batteries are completely maintenance free, emit 1/40 of the hydrogen gas of wet lead acid batteries, are spill-proof and can be charged anywhere. The safest, most dependable and longest-life batteries on the market

Nacecare TTV678 Vario
Cleaning Path 26",30",34"
Pad or Brush Size 3x12"
Solution/Recovery Tank 32 Gal
Chemical Capacity 1 Gal
Chemical Mixture

32:1 - 64:1 - 96:1 - 128:1
Brush Pressure 160 lbs
Brush Motor 3x 24v 400W
Brush Speed 125-200 RPM
Traction Motor 600W
Maximum Gradient 11°
Working Speed 0.3 - 4.3 mph
Vacuum Motor Power 24v 400W
Noise Level 67 db(A)
Working Capacity (sq. ft./hr.) 64,045
Run Time 4 hrs
Batteries (Gel) 6x 12v 100Ah
(With Batteries)
1,100 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH) 66" x 26" x 56"
DITEQ P/N: G00132