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Shaker System

Quick Connect & 2" Hose Adapter

3" Hose shown sold separately

Tambourine Filter Included

Filter Wrench Included

Nacecare SIVT 1002

Triple Motor Vacuum

250 Cfm

110v or 220v Model

12 Gal, Dry, Fine Dust

.3 micron @ 99.6%efficiency


Triple Motor Dry, Fine Dust Vacuum

The SIVT 1002 takes performance a step further with it’s triple motor and tube filter system. Designed to recover significant volumes of fine dust the tube filter system provides a large filter surface area to effectively capture the dust. The patented shaker system ensures outstanding performance by easily removing any residual dust from the filter tubes allowing the operator to continue working with very little down time. Significant power and outstanding filter performance make the SIVT 1002 an outstanding choice for fine dust recovery.

12 Gal. Dry Vacuum
Motors 1.6HP 1.6HP
Motors Triple Motor Triple Motor
Volts 220v 110v
MHz 60 60
Watts ea. 1,200 1,200
Watts Total 3,600 3,600
Airflow 250 cfm 250 cfm
Inches Water Lift 100" 100"
Drum Capacity 12 Gal 12 Gal
Power Cord 32' 32'
Hose Optional Optional
Hose length Optional Optional
Sound Level 70 db (a) 70 db (a)
Weight 70lb. 70lb.
Standard Filtration .3 micron @ 99.6% efficence .3 micron @ 99.6% efficence
Wand Kit Optional Optional
Construction Steel Steel
Nacecare P/N SIVT 1002 SIVT 1002
Part No. 162841 162258

Wand Kit P/N:160801

Hose Cuff Kit P/N:160834

"Y" Connector P/N:160815

Optional Vacuum Accessories
Description Part No.
Hose 3" x 10' 162379
Hose 3" x 20' 162380
Hose 2" x 10' 161587
“Y” Connector 160815
Wand Kit 160801
Cuff Kit 160834