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RGC-100 Hydraulic Chain Saw

Includes Bar and Chain

15" Bar


RGC C-100 Chain Saw

The RGC C-100 is the newest product in our line of hydraulic concrete cutting saws. This light weight yet powerful saw has the equivalence to a 17.5HP saw yet its ergonomic and easy to use controls make it a leader in the industry. RGC is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic tools and power units used in the construction industry. Innovative hydraulic tools such as the C150™ and MiniSaw concrete chain saws . The C-100 can be run from an RGC HydraPak or any other compatible hydraulic power supply. It is the ideal tool for any contractor working with concrete.

Bar Length 15"
Weight (Powerhead) 17.6 lb.
Head Length/Width/Height 17.5/9.5/10.5
Power 17.5 HP
Trigger Dual function*
Torque @ 2500 psi 170 in.-lb.
Maximum Speed 6500 RPM
Hydraulic Supply 12 GPM
Hydraulic Pressure (max) 2500 psi
Water Flow (min) 2.5 GPM
Water Pressure (min) 30 psi
PART No. H10021
Bars & Chains
Description Part No.
15" Bar 140947
15" Chain 140946
Sprocket 140988