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S-32 Raised Hub Turbo Blades

.335" / 8mm Segment Height

Hard Tile & Stone

star star star Super Premium Quality


Raised Hub Turbo Blades

This continuous rim turbo blades core is thicker at the center for added strength, but has a thinner diamond rim for fast, free cutting. For cutting of all material to include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, granite tile, and other natural stone materials. ideal for Angle Grinder and wet stone cutters.

S-32 Raised Hub Turbo Blades
Description Part No.
4" X .060" X 7/8"/5/8" D50032
4-1/2" X .060" X 7/8"/5/8" D50033
5" X .060" X 7/8"/5/8" D50034