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Retipping Magnets

Superstrong Flux Magnet

US magnet


Retipping Magnets

Use the magnets to hold your segments in alignment with 4 preset offsets to achieve uniform segment placement on every bit. Helps to even the side where on segments and prolong bit life. Use multiple magnets to speed up your production time of retyping. Special Heat resistant alloys to prolong the service life of your magnets. Available in two popular styles for 2”-16” use the Superstrong Flux Magnet. For Longer Segments use the US Magnets.

Retipping Magnets
Description Part No.
Superstrong Flux Magnet - each magnet has four different side clearances: 0.02”/0.03”/0.04” and 0.05” (0.5mm/1.0mm & 1.25mm)(Standard for segments 2” - 16”) 151167
US magnet, each magnet has four different side clearances: 0.06”/0.07”/0.08”/ and 0.09” (1.5mm/1.78/2.03mm/2.3mm (for larger segments) 151627
Silver Solder 49% Silver (Flat Strips) 151333