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S23V-C Vacuum Bonded Core Bit

Wet/Dry Use

5/8-11 Thread

star star Premium Quality


Vacuum Bonded Core Bit

Designed for very fast and clean drilling of all types of tile and stone. they are used to drill glass, ceramics, porcelain, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, limestone, slate, marble, granite, light stone, and fiberglass.

S23V-C Vacuum Bond
Diameter Part No.
1/4” D66286
3/8” D66287
1/2” D66228
5/8” D66229
7/8” D66230
1” D66231
1-1/8” D66232
1-1/4” D66233
1-1/2” D66234
1-3/8” D66235
2” D66236