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S-23 Thin Wall Crown Core Bits

Wet Only Use

3" Drilling Depth

5/8"-11 Thread Size

star star Premium Quality


Thin Wall Crown Core Bits

Designed to drill clean, smooth holes such as faucetmounting holes in counter tops and for use in the construction trades wherever holes may be needed for water, gas and electrical piping - especially when natural stone is already installed. For cutting porcelain, granite and hard materials.

S23 Thin Wall
Crown Core Bits
Diameter Part No.
3/8" D31001
1/2" D31002
5/8" D31003
3/4" D31004
7/8" D31005
1" D31006
1-1/8" D31007
1-1/4” D31008
1-3/8” D31009
1-1/2” D31010
1-5/8” D31011
1-3/4” D31012
1-7/8” D31013
2” D31014