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D61121 16"

D61112 14"

S-52X Arix Pro High HP Bride Saw Blades

Silent Core

15+ HP saws

Stone & Granite Blade

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Arix Pro Bridge Saw Blades

DITEQ Professional bridge saw diamond blades with silent cores for both low and high horse powered saws. The Mirage blade is the leader when it comes to production and quality. Stone & Granite Blade, Granite Diamond, Granite Blade, Granite Cutting Blade,

S 52X ARIX Silent Core
Diameter & Width 20mm
Part No.
Part No.
14” x .125” x 60-50mm D61111 D61121
16” x .125” x 60-50mm D61112 D61122
18” x .135” x 60-50mm D61113 D61123
20” x .135” x 60-50mm D61114 D61124