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Vac ABV Combo Base

Fits TS-132,162,& 252 AB Drills

Cloumn, Pump & Sold seperatly

Size 13" x18"

XL Std Vac Pad Fits TS-353,402,403

Size 15" x 15"

Large Standard pad Fits TS-252

Size 13-1/2" X 15"

Small Vac Pad Fits RH-1531,
TS-132, TS-162

Size 11-1/4" X 11-7/8"

Extra Small Vac Pad
Fits RH-1531, TS-092,TS-132, TS-162

Step Vac Pad Fits TS-092, TS-132, TS-162, RH-1531

Size 10-1/2" X 8"

Large Twin Pad

Shibuya® Vacuum Pads

Vac pads to fit all your Shibuya Core Drills

1 Year Warranty


Shibuya Vac Pads

Upgrade your Shibuya Core drills with a vacuum pad, and core drill without the need to use drop-in anchors. Just apply the Shibuya or Gast vacuum pump and on smooth concrete and the drill will stay in place as long as you have a good seal and the pump is running.

Shibuya Vac Pads
Description Fits Drills Pad Size Part #
Step Vacuum Pad RH-1531, TS092,
TS132, TS162
10-1/2"x8" 150874
Extra Small Vac Pad RH-1531, TS092,
TS132, TS162
10"x10" 150159
Small Std Vac Pad RH-1531, TS092,
TS132, TS162
11-1/4"X11-7/8" 150001
Large Standard Vac Pad TS252 13-1/2"X15" 150002
Extra Large Vac Pad TS353, TS402,
15"X15" 150003
Small Twin / Pipe Pad Bit Size 10" to 18"   150036
Large Twin / Pipe Pad Bit Size 16"+   150037
Angle Base Combo,
No Pump
No Column
TS-252, TS-353
13"x18" 151773
Replacement Vacuum Pad Gaskets
Description Part #
Gasket, Extra Small Vac Pad 150570
Gasket, Small Std Vac Pad 150215
Gasket, Large Standard Vac Pad 150216
Gasket, Extra Large Vac Pad 150409
Gasket, Small Twin / Pipe Pad 150570
Gasket, Large Twin / Pipe Pad 150571
Angle Bace Combo Pad 151802