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Rig Mode/Han held Mode Switch &
On/Off Switch for Rig Mode.

New LED indicator lights.

Shibuya™ RH-1532 Pistol-Grip

Hand held Core Drill

4" Capacity Hand held

6-1/2" Capacity Rig Mounted


Shibuya RH-1532

Looking for raw power, mount this powerful little core drill on the optional column and base and unleash it full potential. This little powerhouse will drill a 6-1/2” when mounted. Open the concealed side door and change Rig/Hand held mode switch and Use the Drill in the 2,900 RPM mode and drill up to 4” holes hand-held. GFCI and Slip clutches keep your operators productive and safe while working. Easy to see bubble levels help keep your holes strait and level. New LED indicator shows the load of the machine, allowing you to always drill at maximum pressure. Variable speed hand held trigger for easy bit starting. Move the water connection to one of the 3 convenient locations, water flow/shut off valve included. The RH-1532 can be used Wet or Dry. Keep all your accessories and bit adapters in the included caring case. The RH-1532 is ideal for drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone. This heavy-duty wet and dry diamond core drill has high torque output. Lifetime Free Clutch Adjustments** included with the drill just ship the drill back to DITEQ and we will inspect the drill and Adjust the slip clutch.

**Freight cost not included

RH-1532 Pistol Grip version shown.

Shibuya RH-1532 Hand Drill
Pistol Grip
15A / 115V
Hertz 50/60Hz
560 / 1400 / 2900
Max Bit Capacity
4" Hand Held
Max Bit Capacity
6.5" Mounted on Column
15 Lbs

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RH-1532 Accessories
Description Part #
Stand, Fixed base, column & carriage 150340
Stand, Angle base, column & carriage 150341
WCR Dust/Slurry Ring (5”) 151291
WCR Dust/Slurry Ring (7”) 151287
Adapter kit/Squeeze clamp 150342
Shibuya Grease Tube 151082
Quick Disconnect (F) 150590
** Only fits RH-1531 D-Handle