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Stone Extreme

74 inches of Grinding Width

Production 8,000 ft2 per hour - double pass


Stone Extreme

The Stone Extreme provides ultimate productivity for grinding and polishing concrete, stone, and terrazzo in large, open spaces. This unit offers 8 to 10 times more productivity compared to walk-behind units, and the Stone Extreme dramatically reduces labor costs and shortens project elapsed time.

*Does not include skid steer unit.

Stone Extreme
Grinding Width 74 inches
Dimension of Heads L 192" x W 77" x H 80"
Head Assembly Weight 2,975 lb
Head Power 3 x 25 HP
Head Speed 840 rpm
Head Pressure 933 lb.
Drum Speed 1,980 rpm
Hydraulic 35-37 gpm
Production 8,000 ft2 per hour - double pass
Vacuum Ports 3
Total Weight 12,800 lb.
Part No. G00064*
*Does not include skid steer unit