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CST 34 Storm

CST 24 Storm

Storm Segmented Diamond Cup Wheels

CST24 Premium

CST34 Super Premium



Storm Cup Wheels

Use for fast, aggressive removal, with a smooth finish, on concrete, stone and masonry materials. Perimeter is less likely to catch on edges. A favorite among professional contractors.

Segmented Storm Cup Wheel
Description CST24 CST34
4” x 7/8”-5/8”   D81019
4” x 5/8”-11 thread D81038 D81020
4.5” x 7/8”-5/8”   D81021
4.5” x 5/8”-11 thread D81040 D81022
5” x 7/8”-5/8”   D81023
5” x 5/8”-11 thread   D81024
7” x 7/8”-5/8” D81043 D81024
7” x 5/8”-11 thread D81044 D81025