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TEQ-Lok Head
TEQ-Lock With Velcro

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  DITEQ 8" TEQ-Lok system        
  TEQ-Lok system is an affordable and easy to use system that enables the contractor to economically grind,remove and polish concrete surfaces    
  DITEQ’s TEQ-Lok system is a user friendly system for changing tools on the TEQ-Edge Grinder or other similar single head grinders. The TEQ-Lok system allows quick changing of tools for scraping, grinding, and polishing. The system allows the use of segments made of conventional diamonds or segments with Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) for removal of glues, epoxy and other rubber membrane materials.

The TEQ-Lok system introduces a wide range of grit sizes for coarse to fine finishes. TEQ-Lok provides a cost effective and productive solution for our customers.
TEQ-Lok 8"
Part #
8" TEQ-Lok
Head, Empty, Fits TG-8 Grinder
2" TEQ-Lok
Velcro pad drivers
Velcro TEQ-Lok Pad Drivers
Part #
TEQ-Lok 2” Velcro Pad Driver
TEQ-Lok 3” Velcro Pad Driver

2in Resin Pads
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