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T-23 Laser Cut Spider Blade

Fast Chip Free Cutting of

Ceramic Tile & Porcelain

star star Premium Quality


Laser Cut Spider Blades

This thin-rim laser cut continuous rim diamond blade delivers fast, chip-free cutting of porcelain and vitreous, hard tile. It combines the smooth cutting advantages of a continuous rim blade with the stress relief of a slotted core design.

Laser Cut Spider Continuous Rim
Diameter & Width Use Part #
4” x .060” x 5/8” D50053
4.5” x .060” x 5/8” D50054
5” x .060” x 5/8” D50055
7” x .060” x 5/8” D50040
8” x .060” x 5/8” D50041
10” x .060” x 5/8” D50042