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P/N: D56006

50mm-60mm Arbor

T-42 Curly Que

.315" / 8mm Segment Height

Tile & Porcelain Blades

Marble & Granite Blades

star star star star Pro IV Quality



The Curly Que blade is a closed-segment blade that features curly que stress relief slots that permits fast cutting of hard porcelain Tile, marble and granite. A popular choice of many professionals in the stone industry.

T-42 Curly Que Blades
Diameter & Width Part #
8” x .085” x 5/8” D56007
10” x .085” x 5/8” D56006
12" x .085" x 1"-20mm ** D56001
14" x .095" x 1"-20mm ** D56002
**Not for use on high speed saws
Diameter & Width Part #
12″ x .085″ x 60-50mm D56011
14″ x .095″ x 60-50mm D56010
16″ x .110″ x 60-50mm D56012