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8" TG-8 Grinding Heads

Fits DITEQ TG-8 Grinder

Fits DITEQ TEQ-Edge Grinder

star star star star Super Premium Quality


8" Grinding Heads

Wet/Dry use on concrete and asphalt, Excellent for Paint and epoxy coatings removal, General purpose concrete grinding, edge blending and repairing Spalding, and smoothing rough concrete. Tall segments for long life and fast coatings removal. Included one Disk Seal with each grinding head for Free.

8" Grinding Heads for the TG-8
Diameter & width Seg Grit Part #
8" x 3/4" Std Bond* 10 Coarse 30/40 D91003
8" x 3/4" Std Bond* 10 Med 60/80 D91005
8" x 3/4" Hard Bond* 10 Coarse 30/40 D91009
* includes ruber isolator