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  • Dual Action - sands and controls dust
  • Air powered turbine provides aggressive orbital sanding motion
  • Pole extends 7 ft for tall ceilings
  • Sands in corners
  • Converts to hand sander
  • Lightweight - easy to use overhead
TurboDrywall Sander
Part #
Turbo Drywall Sander
1/2 oz oil bottle sander
Multi pack - all grits 5 of ea. 25pk
100,120, 150, 180, & 220 grits
100 grit sandpaper 25 pack
120 grit sandpaper 25 pack
150 grit sandpaper 25 pack
180 grit sandpaper 25 pack
220 grit sandpaper 25 pack

Use with the Dustless Vacuum
  * Is it right for you?
The Turbo Drywall Sander is ideal for homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and renovation contractors who are looking for a light-weight, light-duty drywall sander that can reach into tight places and corners. It is also a great accessory for professional contractors who want an effective tool for touch up work.

What about the vacuum?
While you can use this sander with traditional shop vacuums, you will get best results when using it with a Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for two reasons:
  1. The Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum produces higher air flow rates after the canister has collected significant dust. The airflow rate of conventional shop vacuums drops dramatically after the filter bag collects relatively little dust.

  2. The Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum is specially designed to capture/handle the extremely fine dust produced from drywall sanding. Some conventional shop vacuums can be retrofitted with a baffle to capture the finer dust, but it restricts airflow even more, reducing the overall effectiveness of the equipment. Every aspect of the Dustless DustVac is designed around maintaining high airflow while capturing extra fine dust.
*Quoting from Dustless
Dustless Complete Drywall Sanding System
System Includes the Turbo Dry Wall Sander, Dustless 16 Ga. Wet/ Dry, Vacuum, veriety pack of sand paper assorted Grits, And Micro pre filters
Dustless Complete Drywall Sanding System
Part #
16 Gal. Wet / Dry, Dustless Vacuum
Micro pre filter qty 2
Micro pre filter 2 - 5 pk = 10 filters
Turbo Dry Wall Sander
Multi pack - all grits 5 of ea. 25pk
100,120, 150, 180, & 220 grits
Total Package