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8" Plate P/N:162026 &

P/N:162019 Modules shown

Vacuum Brazed Grinding Plates

Works with TG-8 & TG-18


Vacuum Brazed Grinding Plates

Unlike the standard vacuum brazed (single layer) module tools that use a different diamond grit to define the aggressiveness and the scratches left on the slab surface,these tools have small clusters of diamond create a larger protrusion like the PCD which can result in smoother grinding with fast speeds.

Designed to be used with the TG8 and TG18 DITEQ grinders.

The modules have a rubber backed steel shell to maximize flex to follow the contours in a floor. Unlike PCDs with a single contact point that can be damaged with random slab cracks, these modules are curved to float over the cracks.

The modules slide in the slot and are tightened using a hex tool. The number of modules used to fill the plate can vary from filling the plate completely to using less than a full plate. Modules must be evenly spaced on the face of the plate.

Vacuum Brazed Grinding Plate
Description Diameter Capacity Part #
TG8 Plate with Hub 8" 14 Modules 162026
TG18 Plate for VB-Modules 18" 20 Modules 162018
VB-Module 30L 35 Grit     162019
Plates and Modules sold separately