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DITEQ Vacuum Brazed Spike Discs

New Technology for Coating Removal

4-1/2", 5" & 7" Cupwheels


Vacuum Brazed Spike Discs

The standard vacuum brazed (single layer) tools are available in different diamond mesh sizes to defi ne the aggressiveness and the scratches left on the slab surface. To get faster grinding of non-abrasive coatings requires a larger diamond chip with the fastest being a PCD (polycrystalline Diamond). The vacuum brazed diamond spikes offer a vacuum brazed diamond tool with small clusters of diamond to create a larger protrusion like the PCDs. This is ideal for removing thicker coatings. It also offers more grinding points than a typical PCD which can result in smoother grinding with fast speeds.

These new spikes also have a rubber center sandwiched composite steel core to minimize vibration to the tool and operator when grinding to deaden some of the ringing vibration of aggressive coating removal tools.

Ideal for removing high build up non abrasive coatings, urethanes, epoxies, polyaspartics, polyurea, glue and resins.

The 35# is designed for use on concrete base.

The 80# is designed for FRP, Fiberglass, and steel base.

Available in 4-1/2” diameter and 7” diameter with 7/8” center--- like the abrasive TEQ-ZEK wheels, vacuum brazed diamonds, metal bonded diamond and PCD wheels. The 5” has air holes for air fl ow when working with shrouds like the dustbuddies and dusties.

Vacuum Brazed Spike Discs
Diameter Part #
35 Grit
Part #
80 Grit
4-1/2" 162020 162021
5" With Air holes 162022 162023
7" 162024 162025