MaxCut™ F-4 .456" Pitch 57 Links L

MaxCut™ F-4 .456" Pitch 57 Links L
MaxCut™ F-4 .456" Pitch 57 Links L MaxCut™ F-4 .456" Pitch 57 Links L video video video
MaxCut™ F-4 .456" Pitch 57 Links L

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SKU 140623

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Diamond Tools,Diamond Chain


Product Highlights
  • Wet Only Use.
  • Fits ICS 880/890 F4 15" Hydraulic
  • Fits ICS 695 F4 16"Gas
  • Fits 15" Bar on Maxcut Stealth .456" Pitch 
  • Efficiently Cuts Concrete, Brick, Decorative Stone.
  • Sizes available for existing guide bars
  • Patented Debris Protection
  • High cutting speed
  • Extended cutting life
  • American made
  • Laser welded
  • Lower Vibrations
  • Available in Two Pitches
  • Bumper Protection
  • Segments on every link for lower vibrations & longer life and smoother cutting
  • Revolutionary Crown shaped segment for Faster starting on initial cut
  • Laser Welded 
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  • find a online dealer
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MaxCut™ Diamond Chain

MaxCut Invested 5 Years in research and development to engineer a better premium Diamond chain. The fastest Cutting Diamond Segment is Now Available form The leader in Diamond Tool Technology


Additional Information

SKU 140623
Chain Saw Accessories Diamond Chains
Chains/Bars Fits Brand ICS™, Maxcut™
Chain Fits Model ICS 695GC Gas, ICS 880, ICS 890, MaxCut Stealth
Saw Powered By Gas / Hydraulic
Chain Pitch .456P F4
Chain Bar Length 15" /16"
Chain Bond Life Bond (hard)
Chain Segments H= Every Link
MaxCut P/N MX3-57-L
Made In United States
Unboxed Weight N/A
Shipping Weight No
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