Welcome to DITEQ.

This isn’t some catchy slogan or corporate tagline created by some marketing company. Knowing who DITEQ is and what we do will help you discover a unique company, with tons of expertise and experience, who wants to do business with YOU.

Defining the DITEQ brand:

  • Dependable high quality products and services
  • Innovative, revolutionary diamond tools and equipment
  • Trustworthy, experienced, helpful, friendly people
  • Exceptional service before and after the sale
  • Quality products and services you can trust

DITEQ - Diamond Tools and Equipment

Your complete source of high quality diamond blades and core bits, core drilling equipment and accessories, concrete and masonry saws, high speed gas cut off saws, concrete grinding and polishing machines, tile and stone cutting tools, hand polishing and grinding tools and related products and services that make DITEQ your one-stop for all of your cutting needs.

DITEQ has some of the world’s most innovative metallurgical engineering with our ARIX technology, introduced several years ago. This amazing technology allows for precise diamond arrangement and alignment on each blade, set to control wear and make the blade cut faster. In some situations, this technology can increase the cutting speed by 50% while doubling a normal blade’s life. How and where you use an ARIX blade will affect the outcome. DITEQ is the only company that employs full ARIX technology. ARIX is a DITEQ exclusive.

ARIX - the technology that CHANGES EVERYTHING.


Here I am running both drills with the autofeed. I am drilling 20 each 8" diameter holes 18" deep. Can you tell if I like the equipment? I made $2,000 on this day. How much money can I make with this equipment in one day? I'll keep you posted. It could be much more. I have a production drilling job next April. I can't wait. My biggest complaint about the Diteq equipment is it drills so fast, I don't get much chance [...]

Always smiling - Tom

That little 132 drill is the coolest. I've been using it almost everyday especially in those hard to get into locations. You guys are reeling make this old fart look good. The other day I had to do a couple of holes on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a building at the university. So in one hand I'm carrying the vacuum base and the other I'm carrying case with 132 in it. The guy says, “What’s in the box?" He couldn't believe it when I opened it up [...]

Thanks again - Tom