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Use on Masonry Saws

B-33 B-31 Silent Turbo Blades

Stone / Brick Blade B-33

Hard Belden Bricks B-31

Wet/Dry Use

.393" Segments

star star star Super Premium Quality


B33 Silent Turbo

Get a silent-core blade for the price you’d usually pay for a comparable regular blade. The Noise Killer features a special resin-filled core that dampens noise - making it perfect for jobs where noise level is a concern. Use for fast, free, smooth cutting medium-to-hard materials including: concrete, masonry and stone. laser cut resin filled dampeners provide for dramatic noise reduction.

B-31 B33 Silent Turbo Blades
  Part # Part #
  B-31 B-33
Diameter & Width Stone/ Brick Brick/ Block
14” x .125” x 1” -20mm D43034 D41023
20” x .145” x 1” D44113 D44109