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Hycon Assembly Line

Quality Testing Powerpacks

Railroad Joint Grinding

Hycon HPP27VMF Hydraulic Powerpack

27HP Briggs Vanguard Gas

DITEQ P/N:P00023

Hycon P/N:2020027

Dual Output

3-5-8-10-12-16 GPM Output x1

15-20-30 LPB Output x2

2,300 PSI Max Pressure

160 BAR Max Pressure

15-20-30-40-60 LPM LPM Output x1

3-5-8 GPM x2


HPP27VMF Powerpack

The benefits of hydraulic tools are numerous. Hydraulic systems are cheaper to buy, run and maintain, leading to obvious cost reductions for the operator. The rugged design of the machinery also offers trouble-free performance and powerful, but economic performance. The hydraulic solutions from HYCON offer our customers a number of significant advantages.

Hycon offers you handheld hydraulic demolition tools with high focus on operator comfort and safety, which along with fuel savings up to 85% bring contractors high profit. Common features of our products are unique quality, superior strength and extreme durability with zero maintenance. Our customers are contractors, utilities, municipalities, railways, demolition, rental, army and rescueteams, cutting and drilling, renovation, groundwater lowering, pumping and many more - all over the world.

The Hycon Tools and the HYCON HPP-powerpacks are designed and made in Denmark. They are made for tough breaking jobs under extreme working conditions. We make no compromises in technique and design, and we use only the best and strongest components to ensure unique functioning and long lifetime of our tools. HYCON is handmade quality, and works irrespective of weather conditions, does not freeze up in the winter and can also be used under water!

Made In Denmark

Optional Accessories
Description Pressure Hose
Return Hose
Length DITEQ P/N
Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 1/2" 1/2" 25' 151867
Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 1/2" 1/2" 50' 151859
Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 1/2" 3/4" 100' 152028
Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 3/4" 3/4" 200 152029
Pair Hydraulic Hoses with Flush-Face Fittings 3/4" 3/4" 100' 152030
Hydraulic Flow Divider       140746
** Max 3 hose fittings per run