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Shibuya Electric Wall Saw

30" Blade Capacity

120V, 1 Ph, 2-Speed


SS-300R Plunge Wall Saw

Chassis can be clamped anywhere on the track, Depth Gauge,

The user-friendly ergonomic design and ease of transport make your job fast and efficient. Quick mounting blade flanges make easy removal of blade. Track sections can be joined together to make any length required for your job

SS300R Plunge
Motor RS2521
Speed 2
RPM 300/700
Rated Imput 2.5KW
Blade Capacity 30"
Arbor 1-3/8"
Weight of Saw 80 Lbs
Height 29.25"
Width 13.78"
Depth 18.23"
Part # WS0002
Description Part #
22" Blade Guard 150737
Track 2' sections 150405
Track 4' sections 150406